Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004 )

Potter Year 3

Hogwarts year 3.

Here we go for the third movie.  The lowest grossing of all, and to my mind the most dull and uninspired.

Michael Gambon is the new Dumbledore, after the sad passing of Richard Harris.  Fine actor as Gambon is, he is not a patch on the performances of his predecessor.  Ian McKellan would’ve been better, but he was already busy being a wizard in a different set of films.

As with both previous films, there is a tedious “comedy” opening with Harry at his awful Uncle and Aunt’s home, where he does something to upset them (in this case inflate his Uncle’s sister and make her fly away) and then scarpers back to school.

We have werewolves, a Hippogryph, Animagi (wizards who can change to an animal form), Dementors, and time travel.  Throwing the kitchen sink at the film doesn’t make it better, however.

A very brief summary would be that Harry meets the man who allegedly sold out his parents to Voldemort, “Sirius Black” (Gary Oldman) finds out he’s actually his godfather, and innocent.  Instead the rat “Scabbers” that Ron has for his pet is an animagus and  the real coward who condemned the Potters to death, Peter Pettigrew (Timothy Small).

The titular Azkaban is the prison were Sirius has been kept for the 14 years since being locked up for his supposed crimes against the Potters.

There’s, obviously plenty more, but I’d boil it down to that.

5/10.  Even less interesting than the previous ones.  Definitely the lowest point of the series for me.


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