Zombie Strippers (2008)

Zombie Strippers

Could this be the best DD-movie of all time ?

Allegedly, the world’s top porn star Jenna Jameson gave up making sex movies, and became a *real* actress.

So here is her first major starring role, in which she spends most of it in her birthday suit as stripper “Kat”.  She REALLY cleaned up her act !

You’ve got strippers, you’ve got idiotic punters, plus there’s incompetent army personnel and dumb scientists.

And zombies.  Big-titty zombies.

There’s plenty of blood and guts, throat ripping, cock biting and general horror staples from zombie films.  However, given that this is more comedy than horror, they are over the top exaggeration and all the better for it.

Stripclub owner Ian Essko is played by horror legend Robert Englund, completely out to lunch when his star strippers start eating the clientele.  That the punters prefer the zombies to the normal strippers, even after they appear to have started decomposing is daft, but then so is the whole movie.

Of course, they see it as a money making opportunity, and it was always bound to get out of control and end up with a lot of dead people and then lots of undead people.

Queue lots of silliness, fighting, chasing, barricading and eventually when the incompetent army arrive to clean up, the saving of those finally left alive, which aren’t many.

I guess there wasn’t much more that they could’ve added to the film, it looks good, sounds good and successfully plays it for laughs.  It wouldn’t have won any Oscars, but I loved it.

8/10.  Great fun, no brains required.


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