Curse Of Chucky (2013)

Chucky 6

Foul mouth. Foul temper. Great tag line.

Shame about the film.

This is the sixth film in the Child’s Play series. Enough already.

Yes, I like the Chucky’s, but in the same way as with Freddie Krueger and Jason Voorhees, it gets boring and unoriginal and tired as they go on and on milking the cash cow.

Sad to say, the only good bit of this film comes right at the end just before and after the closing credits, which I’d imagine a lot of people won’t have bothered waiting around for.

Where the other aforementioned series’ managed to restore faith (Wes Craven’s New Nightmare – very impressive, Jason X and the Remake – both fantastic), Chucky has now had two stinkers in a row for the second time in the series. The original was a cracker, and the fourth “Bride Of Chucky” was fabulous too.  The others, meh.

The doll isn’t right, the unpredictability of the better films is missing, and there is just “something” that has been lost.  Character.  They also decided to strip the humour and make it more “scary”.  They failed.

That Brad Dourif  is still the voice of the doll shows more that he is desperate for work than that he is dedicated to his role.  And it’s been going so long now that his daughter Fiona is now acting in the film too, as wheelchair bound Nina.

I meant “acting”.

The only other names I recognised were an unexpected cameo from Jennifer Tilly as Tiffany, who shows up at the end to tie the film in with earlier instalments, and throw in an extra “scare” at the end, and Alex Vincent returning as Andy Barclay from the first couple of films.  Apparently the character of Barbie, Nina’s sister is played by Danielle Busutti who I didn’t recognise from Insidious 2.

For me it was too little, too late throwing in Tiffany and Andy at the end anyway.  No wonder it was straight to video.

However, they have announced a sequel. Of course they have.

5/10. Not scary, intentionally not funny, but also not very interesting, apart from right at the end. The worst yet, probably.

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