Need For Speed (2014)


Another attempt at a game/movie crossover.

Here it is then.  The film they’ve been promising (or threatening ?) us with for a while now.

As a gaming franchise, NFS is top of the food chain.  This film however, is bottom of the sewer.  I can’t stress enough how bad this film really is.  Even the hypercar machinery can’t save this cack from my being  my current worst film in living memory.

The largely forgettable cast are so poor together, with no chemistry, and the plot would’ve fitted on the back of a cigarette packet, but the worst crime of all for me were the driving scenes.  NFS the game prides itself on being better than the rest, not too “arcadey” like the competition, but in this film the driving realism is worse than pretty much anything I can remember.

Even if you can ignore the 2-ton flying Mustang, and the unrealistic driving of a car that’ll do 5mpg travelling across 3000 miles to compete in a race, it takes forever to get started.  And when it finally does get to the race at the end it is such an anticlimax !!

Aaron Paul sucks as Tobey, the framed good guy, Dominic Cooper sucks even worse as bad guy Dino, and Imogen Poots starring as Julia is unfortunate in being a hot blonde actress with Rod Stewart’s nose stuck on her face.  Not a review of her acting ability, but it (the nose) is the thing that stands out most about her.  Shame really.

Michael Keaton’s career must REALLY have bottomed out to appear in this kind of tripe, even as a supporting actor, but appear he does as the organiser of the “De Leon” race.  Dreadful.  Worse, even.

I’m struggling to think of any redeeming feature of the film.  It has fast cars.  That’s about it.  Ridiculous really for a $66 million budget.

3/10.  Some hot motors aside, this film is crap.  Avoid like the plague !!

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