♫ Eureka Machines – Brainwaves (2015)

Eureka Machines

Eureka Machines latest album, release via pledgemusic.com.

The fourth album from Leeds’ finest award winning pop-punk-rock-metal band.
And it’s another blast of bouncy fun for everyone to enjoy !

A direct link to their pledge campaign here !

Each album these guys release surpasses the previous one, to the extent that they should be massively rich and famous by now, but instead they are still releasing gems like this that largely go unheard by the masses.  Such a shame.

Tunes fly past – “Paranoia” … “Television” … “Sleep Deprivation” – it’s amazing how quickly the 47 minutes go !
There has been a micro-site set up (here), with an interesting acoustic version of the title track, and a free track from the album.  Get them while they’re hot !

Being a pledgemusic release, there are loads of options for acquiring this album, from download to “bundled” with cd, dvd and t-shirt, or if you have £250 to spend, they’ll record a cover version of your choice !  (They recorded covers for their last album pledge too, and the ones that were made public were largely awesome).

We also saw “extras” from acoustic tracks to dodgy 80’s covers to videos for new tracks from the album.

Case in point – “Welcome To My Shangri-La” video, or if you’d prefer something live, there’s an excerpt from their upcoming DVD of “Walk Like An Egyptian“, which shows them in their natural habitat, playing silly covers mixed in with their own material.

So give “Pure Rawk”‘s band of the year 2014 winners a try – you really can’t go wrong, and it might just put a big smile on that face of yours !

8/10.  Heavy Rotation !

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