Gone Girl (2014)

Gone Girl

Rather than another horror or action flick, tonight it’s thriller time with Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike in the promising “Gone Girl” From director David Fincher (“Seven”, “Fightclub” etc).

What a slow start.
Mind you, at two and a half hours there is no hurry.

It begins giving the impression of a happy couple, set to celebrate 5 years of marriage, only for wife Amy to disappear without trace.  Then the “reality” of their relationship is dragged up in the public eye, and shown to the police who then make the leap from missing person to murder by husband Nick.

It takes over an hour to get this far.

Then it’s curve-ball time.  She’s set him up.  She’s alive.  She knew he was a cheat and a leech.

It would be quite clever if you couldn’t see it coming a mile off.

Now he’s worked it out, he has the second of the film to prove his innocence.
Given how broke he is, and how expensive the lawyers would be, it is initially unclear how he can manage this. Good job he somehow manages to get a star lawyer on the cheap !

However, things start to unravel for Amy when in hiding she is ripped off and has to call on an ex-boyfriend who picks her up and takes her to his home. More lies to get him on side.

Then, second curve-ball. Amy likes the way she sees her husband speaking on TV trying to clear his name, and wants to go back to him. She kills her ex and turns up on her husband’s doorstep having “escaped”. He knows she set her up, and tells her so. She admits everything.
Ok. I could just about believe this.

The third twist I didn’t like. The “I’ll stay with her for the sake of our unborn child” routine. Despite her inseminating herself without his knowledge. Nick decides that since he can’t prove she’s admitted her crimes, he’ll give up trying and take her back so that he can be with his child when it arrives. This sucks. It also ends the film on a bit of a downer.

I would normally say I dislike both Affleck and Pike with very few exceptions – normally Affleck needs to be working with Kevin Smith to get any appreciation, and Ms Pike really doesn’t do anything for me either.

Here, Affleck seems quite believable, and Pike goes from poor little wifey to evil bitch with remarkable ease and sincerity. She certainly gets no sympathy after it comes out that she’s a psycho-bitch, despite deserving it for having a cheating scumbag husband.

Cameos for Neil Patrick Harris as Amy’s ex-boyfriend Desi and Tyler Perry as Nick’s lawyer Tanner Bolt both work well, though it is nice to see Desi meeting with a swift bloody end.
Carrie Coon as Nicks’s twin sister Margo is well done, though the 8 year difference in actors is noticeable !!

7/10. Interesting rather than exciting.
A little long-winded, but not so slow that it plods.

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