🎵 Tyla’s Dogs D’Amour – In Vino Veritas (2018)

One of the hardest working and most prolific artists of the last nearly 40 years, Tyla J. Pallas (yes, that’s his stage name, folks) now records as both a solo artist and as various incarnations of Dog’s D’Amour.

All available digital releases from Bandcamp here

This latest release is credited to both him and the band and is a crowd-funded cracker ! (Now available from Amazon et al.).

I preordered mine through PledgeMusic and so had a 2cd deluxe package including more than twice as many tracks as the retail version. 😎

Opening with the raucous and uptempo “111”, the haunting and maudlin first single “Black Confetti” and the bouncy paced “Bloodline” its noticeable that the songs are a good mix of paces and styles and not all uniform like an AC/DC album for example.

Bottle of Red” is a fun ode to vino, complete with prominent saxophone.  Other highlights include “Empire” complete with Billy Joel sounding intro, the rock ‘n roll strains of “Everything To Me” and personal favourite (and second single) “I Don’t Love Anyone” – an acoustic video version of which can be found here.

In short, if you like gravel-voiced rock ‘n roll without pretension and plenty of soul I can promise you a rollicking good time.  Excellent production and masterful song writing.  Very good indeed !

Play it loud !  8/10.

Single “Black Confetti” (Video Link)

Single “I Don’t Love Anyone … More Than I Love You” (Video Link)

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